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Seb Art at SAB Gallery's Female Art Night

I'm Sara (she/her), an artist dedicated to raising awareness about social and mental health issues through a diverse range of mediums. My artistic expression thrives on dark humor and an adoration for cats, which are often central elements in my creations. A particular source of pride for me is my commitment to eco-friendly crafts, exemplified by my mosaic glass planters meticulously crafted from 100% up-cycled and reused materials. I am continually searching for new ways to incorporate  sustainable practices into my work as I evolve as an artist. Currently, my inbox is open for work requests and collaborations. Let's create weird stuff together!


Female Night - SAB Gallery

August 2023

Furry Friends Exhibit - Red Bluff Gallery

April  2023

Pancakes & Booze - Catch One

July  2023

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